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PRIDE FC - Heavyweight GP Finals
Saitama Super Arena
Saitama, Japan

Heavyweight GP semifinals:
Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Nogueira vs. Sergei Kharitonov
Fedor Emelianenko vs. Naoya Ogawa

Single fights:
Vanderlei Silva vs.
Yuki Kondo
Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic vs. Alexander Emelianenko
Mark Hunt vs. Mark Coleman
Kevin Randleman vs.
Ron Waterman
Murilo Bustamante
vs. Kazuhiro Nakamura






Denver/Broomfield/Boulder, CO


Statement from Middleweight King of Pancrase Ricardo Almeida


"After 14 dedicated years, integrally to competition, since the first championship in Barra da Tijuca as a white belt to the glorious mats of the Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling World Championships in the Arab Emirates, and under the eyes of the entire world in the rings of PRIDE, Pancrase, and the UFC, I announce my official falling away from the competitive arena. This includes renouncing my belt as the middleweight King of Pancrase. The definitive reason for my falling away is the personal improvement to the height of the masters who proceeded me all these years: Master Renzo Gracie, Master Carlson Gracie Jr., and Grandmaster Helio Gracie. Today, begins a new phase in my journey as a representative in the gentle art, in which I renounce the honors of the fighters championship belt in search of the inherent wisdom of the Grandmasters, and in expectation that one day I can have the great honor of using a red belt in the sport of jiu-jitsu. I will dedicate myself ingrelly to the definement of technical philosophy of the martial art that has so greatly influenced my lifestyle. Thank you to all which have had the opportunity to participate in my diverse experiences." .....................Ricardo Almeida 




K-1 WORLD MAX  - Results

Bang Wins!!!
Yoyogi Olympic Gymnasium

K-1 World Max GP - Quarterfinal Matches:
Albert Kraus defeated Shamil Gaydarbekov by unanimous decision.
Masato defeated Jadamba Narantungalag by unanimous decision.
Buakaw 'Por Pramuk' defeated John Wayne Parr by split decision. 
Takayuki Kohiruimaki defeated Mike Zambidis by unanimous decision.

K-1 World Max GP - Semifinal Matches:
Masato defeated Albert Kraus by unanimous decision.
Buakaw 'Por Pramuk' defeated Takayuki Kohiruimaki by KO at .42 of rd. 2.

K-1 World Max GP - Final Match:
Buakaw 'Por Pramuk' defeated Masato by unanimous decision. 

Single fights:
Duane Ludwig defeated Serkan Yilmaz by unanimous decision. 
Takashi Ohno defeated Vincent Swaans by TKO at 2.56 of rd 1. 

K-1 special rules match:
Norifumi Yamamoto defeated Kazuya Yasuhiro by armbar in rd 2.






Tokyo, Japan


Korean Show Canceled!


The Pancrase organization is very sorry to inform you that our first event in Korea on Saturday, July 17th which is called "2004 World Pancrase Series in Seoul" was cancelled due to the Korean promoter, July Media Co., Ltd.'s contractual issue.

First, payment of fighters purse from them delayed one month and over and it is still unpaid until now. Also they made us a request to reduce the total amount of fighters purse even though they have already agreed upon and signed on the contract. Furthermore, they finally had adjourned the confirmed event date. Finally they made their final decision to cancel the event and they notified us dated July 2nd. Although we had negotiated with them to find any solution of the above matters day after day, finally agreement was not reached. Their requests are not acceptable for us to secure all fighter's fight schedule and purse. 

When we attended the official press conference on June 24th in Korea to announce all match-ups, we received a hearty welcome from many people who is doing fight business out there, reporters, and fight fans. We never forget their hospitality and we would try our best to hold Pancrase event in Korea as soon as possible. We are pleased to consider all fighters from Korea, Japan, America, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa who lined up on the card for future Pancrase event in Japan.

Masami Ozaki
World Pancrase Create, Inc.




PANCRASE - Korean show canceled


Tokyo, Japan


The July 17th, Pancrase event in Seoul, Korea has been canceled.  The Korean promoter was unable to provide the necessary funding to finalize the show.  Hopefully the Josh Barnett vs. Ron Waterman title bout can be re-scheduled for a upcoming Pancrase Japan show.





Talks about his upcoming King of Pancrase title fight against Ron Waterman


Denver/Broomfield/Boulder, CO


"Its official now, I will be facing Ron Waterman in Seoul Korea in a defense of my King of Pancrase title. I am delighted! Ever since I met the guy, when Phyllis (his manager) introduced us it was under the pretense that he was coming for me and my title. I thought, “You better earn your spot before trying to knock on my door”. 

Now it has finally arrived and after all the talk of wanting a shot at me he is finally getting his chance. His chance to learn about the reality of stepping in the ring against the best. When he fought Cro-cop and was unable to mount any offense before being KO’d you’d think he would have learned. The only reason he must desire to fight me is that he thinks not only that he is better than me but that Cro-cop is as well. If he’s trying to piss me off he has sure succeeded and I will relish the time showing him the error of his ways." 





Red & Jerry's Event Center
Denver, Colorado

BattleQuest 3 was a huge success with 22 fighters giving every thing they had for the sold out standing room only crowd. The awkward brawling between out of shape fighters that is common with amateur events was nowhere to be found on this show. All the athletes came to fight and make a point. The fights were evenly matched resulting in an exciting non stop action paced card for the eager fans. What was also really nice to see was a large contingent of out of state fans traveling to support the amateur circuit. It is proof that this sport has a future and is on the right track.

"I am extremely happy with the event. The fights were great, the crowd was great.. what more can you ask for? The only thing I will change is on the next show we will have the fights playing on all the TV's in the room as well as the jumbo screen on stage. I know some of the fans in the very back had a tough time seeing when the fights hit the ground, and using the video screens will make it a better night for everyone." said promoter Sven Bean. "As for the fights themselves.. wow! I saw a lot of new talent and made some notes. You will definitely be seeing a few of these guys on the RING OF FIRE."

Highlights of the night included: 
Veteran MMA fighter Pete Vanderhort making his muay thai debut. 
Aaron Romero showing the patience of fighter way beyond his experience. 
The tenacious battle between newcomers Andretti and Beneditto. 
The gritty war between Tom Sarah and Tim Means, both of these guys are ready for the next level. 
Mike Baldwin gains another legit title in his toughest match yet. Opponent Virgil Begay stayed so true to his game plan making this a true battle of wills. These two fought like pros.

K-1 rules 145 lbs: Matt Howard def. Cruz Soltero, Jr. by KO, 0:44 of Round 1
MMA 145 lbs: Lafayette Barela def. Ryan Farthingham by TKO, 1:06 of Round 1
MMA 155 lbs: Rocky Johnson def. Richard Ponce by Rear Naked Choke, 2:00 of Round 1
MMA 170 lbs: Joel Wilson def. Brad Fox by TKO (Ref Stoppage), 2:29 of Round 2
K-1 rules 155 lbs: Pete Vanderhort def. Seth Gumenjav by KO, 1:01 of Round 2
MMA 170 lbs: Aaron Romero def. Josh Judy by Arm Bar, 0:37 of Round 2
MMA 170 lbs: Frank Andretti def. Mike Beneditto by TKO (Ref Stoppage), 1:01 of Round 2
MMA 185 lbs: Sean Roddey def. Josh Vierya by TKO (Ref Stoppage), 2:02 of Round 1 
ISKA Colorado State Middleweight Championship 165 lbs: Donald Cerrone def. Billy Dixon by KO, 0:49 of Round 1
MMA 170 lbs: Tim Means def. Tom Sarah by Unanimous Decision, 3 Rounds
ISKA Rocky Mountain States Lt. Welterweight Championship: Mike Baldwin def. Virgil Begay by Unanimous Decision, 5 Rounds

Thank You: Sifu Adam, Christian Carvahlo, Ken and April Pishna, Barry Benedict, Brian Larsen and crew, Keith Schmelzer and crew, Chris Cisneros, Chrisanne Roselip, Rebecca Restad, Ed Banks , Bumpy Johnson, Destiny Arguello, and all the coaches, trainers, and fighters.





JUST IN - Battlequest III tonight!


Denver, Colorado


Tonight at Red & Jerry's , inside the event center, the third installment of BATTLEQUEST will take place. This is the official feeder event for the RING OF FIRE series. Fighters from four different states will be putting in the line in hopes of getting a spot on upcoming ROF shows.

The card will consist of 4 Muay Thai and 7 MMA bouts, including two ISKA title fights. The MMA portion of the card will follow the same rules as ROF but with shorter 3 minute rounds. The non title Muay Thai matches will be three 2 minute rounds. The title fights will be 5 x 2 minutes.\

The title bouts are:

ISKA Colorado State Middleweight Championship
Donald Cerrone, Denver, CO, Freedom Fighters (4-0) vs. Billy Dixon, Co. Springs, CO, Kongo-Do, (3-1)

ISKA Mountain States Welterweight Championship
Mike Baldwin, Golden, CO, Freedom Fighters (5-0) vs. Virgil Begay, Abq., NM, AKKA, (7-4) 

The MMA feature bout is:
155-170 lbs
Tom Sarah, Boulder, CO, H.A.M.A. (2-0) vs. Tim Means, Abq., NM, FIT-NHB, (4-1)

There are a few tickets left and will be sold at a first come first serve basis as the room is all general admission.
Red & Jerry's is located at the corner of Santa Fe and Oxford in Denver, Colorado.




H20MAN - News


Denver/Broomfield/Boulder, CO



The "H20man" Ron Waterman will be fighting former UFC heavyweight champ Josh Barnett on July 17, in Korea.  This will be a open-weight King of Pancrase title match.




STARS TRAINING CENTER - Instructor Interview


Denver/Broomfield/Boulder, CO


Pancrase USA - Stars Training Center coach Billy Hendricks was recently interviewed by  Click here to read.






Denver/Broomfield/Boulder, CO


Pancrase champ Nate Marquardt left Denver this morning for Tokyo.  Marquardt returns to Japan for a June 22nd, Pancrase fight against 5th ranked Grabaka fighter Eiji Ishikawa.  Also on the card, American Shannon Ritch takes on light heavyweight King of Pancrase Yuki Kondo.




UFC PARTY -  Red and Jerry's in Denver 
Sat. 6-19-2004, 7pm

Denver/Broomfield/Boulder, CO

Any and all sports fans in the area are invited to come on down to south Denver's top entertainment hot spot, RED AND JERRY'S and watch the ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP 48: PAYBACK The event is being brought to you by Colorado's premiere MMA promotions, Ring Of Fire & BATTLE QUEST. 

RED AND JERRY'S has reserved the FANATIX sports bar for the showing. A full menu will be served, as well a full service bar. And once the fights are over, the party will continue in Red & Jerry's house night club: Club Octane!! 

There were over 150 MMA fans at the last ROF-UFC party and R-N-J management expects even more for this high profile card. Before the fights start we will be showing video footage from ROF 12. There will be drawings for t-shirts, posters, and tickets to the 06-26 BATTLE QUEST 3 event. Saturday night's party will start at 7:00 p.m. and will be hosted by Sven BOOGIE Bean. 

Please come down and SUPPORT THE SPORT!!! 


Red & Jerry's is located at the intersection of Santa Fe and Oxford which is right in between Hampden and Belleview. Look for our huge outdoor sign, you can't miss it! 
From 1-25, exit Santa Fe. Take Santa Fe past Hampden to Oxford. If you hit Belleview, you've gone too far. Avoid T-Rex and take Broadway, Hampden or Belleview. Red & Jerry's is centrally located 15 minutes from downtown and the DTC.




PANCRASE 2004 BRAVE TOUR - Official Results


Denver/Broomfield/Boulder, CO


Friday, May 28, 2004
Doors Open; 5:30PM 
First Fight; 6:00PM
Korakuen Hall (Tokyo, Japan)
Live gate: 2,300

Amateur Bout - Pancrase Gate lightweight 2x5 min rounds
MOTOKAZU KOBAYASHI (Hishojuku) def. MASATO ONODERA (A-3) by standing punch KO at 2R 0:08

Pro-Bout#1 - welterweight 2x5 min rounds
SATORU KITAOKA (welterweight 4th ranked/PANCRASEism) def. TAKAICHI HIRAYAMA (Wajutsu Keishukai Chiba Dojo) by front choke at 2R 4:05

Pro-Bout#2 - welterweight 2x5 min rounds
HIROYUKI NOZAWA (STAND) def. TAKAHITO IIDA (A-3) by 3-0-0 unanimous judges decision at full time limit

Pro-Bout#3 - middleweight 3x5 min rounds
YUICHI NAKANISHI (middleweight 10th ranked/freelance) def. HIDEHIKO HASEGAWA (middleweight 7th ranked/SK Absolute) by 2-0-1 majority judges decision at full time limit

Pro-Bout#4 - welterweight 3x5 min rounds
TAKUYA WADA (welterweight 7th ranked/SK Absolute) def. HIDETAKA MONMA (A-3) by 2-0-1 majority 
judges decision at full time limit

Pro-Bout#5 - featherweight 2x5 min rounds
YOSHIRO MAEDA (PancraseInagakigumi) def. ISAMU SUGIUCHI (team ROKEN) by standing punch KO at 1R 

Pro-Bout#6 - light heavyweight 2x5 min rounds
KEIICHIRO YAMAMIYA (light heavyweight 8th ranked/Pancrase GRABAKA) def. KOZO URITA (Seiken Kaikan)
by 3-0-0 unanimous judges decision at full time limit

Semifinal  - light heavyweight 3x5 min rounds
YUKI SASAKI light heavyweight 7th ranked/Pancrase GRABAKA) def. YUKIYA NAITO( A-3) by 3-0-0 
unanimous judges decision at full time limit

Main Event - super heavyweight 3x5 min rounds
RON WATERMAN (super heavyweight 2nd ranked/U.S.A./Team Impact) def. KEIGO TAKAMORI (super 
heavyweight 3rd ranked/Pancrase MEGATON) by armlock at 1R 1:36




RING OF FIRE #12 - Fight Card


Denver/Broomfield/Boulder, CO


Here is the full fight card for the RING OF FIRE #12: NEMESIS event in Castle Rock, Colorado on May 22nd.
Promoter and match maker Sven BOOGIE Bean is very pleased with the card, even though he has had to deal with the almost expected last minute drops.

"This card is as strong as any I've put together match making wise. This is what ROF is all about, showcasing some of the best "B" level guys on a great card with hopes that the big guys will take notice. With that said, don't be fooled, this card rocks!...I've always said that a "B" level guy is just an "A" level fighter who hasn't been discovered yet! I'm hoping that as in the case in the past, some one from this show will get the call." said Bean.

The 10 bout card features fighters from 6 states and veterans from KOTC, EXTREME CHALLENGE, GLADIATOR CHALLENGE, VFC, SHOOT BOXING JAPAN, and even the WWE!

Saturday, May 22nd, 2004
Douglas County Event Center
Castle Rock, CO

MAIN EVENT: 185 lb 3 x 5 minutes
Jay Jack (ME) AMMA/BJJ Boulder vs John ANNIHILATOR Cronk (CO) Warrior Dojo

PRESTIGE BOUT: 155 lb 3 x 5 minutes
Jake Hattan (CO) TEAM THUNDER vs Carlos Condit (NM) FIT NHB

FEATURE FIGHT: 170 lbs 2 x 5 minutes
Ali Abdelaziz (Egypt) Bloodline/HIT SQUAD vs Chee Bates (NM) FIT NHB

FEATURE FIGHT: 155 lbs 2 x 5 minutes
Luke "Lil' HULK" Caudillo (NE) TEAM WISEMAN/MILITECH vs James Martinez (NM) AKKA

FEATURE FIGHT: Heavy Weight 2 x 5 minutes
"BIG" Gabe Beapurthey (CO) Bloodline/HIT SQUAD vs Craig "BIG Z" Zellner (NM) FIT NHB

FEATURE FIGHT: 155 lbs 2 x 5 minutes
Brock Jensen (CO) High Altitude M.A. vs Justin James (IA) Independent

FEATURE FIGHT: 185 lbs 2 x 5 minutes
Brett "Wrecking Ball" Schafer (CO) TEAM THUNDER vs Brandon Melendez (UT) Independent

PRELIMINARY BOUT: 155 lbs 3 x 3 minutes
Denis "Tenacious D" Acuna (CO) 3-D Competition Team vs Steve Graniery (CO) Grappler's Edge

PRELIMINARY BOUT: 140 lbs 4 x 2 minutes, K-1 Rules
Mike "No Excuses" Baldwin (CO) Freedom Fighters vs TBA (NM)

PRELIMINARY BOUT: Heavy Weight 3 x 3 minutes
Tom Clemen (CO) High Altitude M.A. vs TBA (CO)

$25.00 General Admission, $40.00 Reserved (Sold Out), Purchase VIP TABLES by calling 303-246-5237 
Tickets are available at all KING SOOPERS Locations or online at





H20man returns to Pancrase
Friday, May 28, 2004
Doors Open; 5:30PM 
Pro-Bout Starts; 6:30PM
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo,Japan

Pro-Bout#1 ~welterweight 2x5 min rounds~
SATORU KITAOKA (welterweight 4th ranked/PANCRASEism) vs TAKAICHI HIRAYAMA (Wajutsu Keishukai Chiba Dojo)

Pro-Bout#2 ~welterweight 2x5 min rounds~

Pro-Bout#3 ~middleweight 3x5 min rounds~
HIDEHIKO HASEGAWA (middleweight 7th ranked/SK Absolute) vs YUICHI NAKANIHSI (middleweight 10th ranked/freelance)

Pro-Bout#4 ~welterweight 3x5 min rounds~
TAKUYA WADA (welterweight 7th ranked/SK Absolute) vs HIDETAKA MONMA (A-3)

Pro-Bout#5 ~featherweight 2x5 min rounds~
YOSHIRO MAEDA (PancraseInagakigumi) vs ISAMU SUGIUCHI (team ROKEN)

Pro-Bout#6 ~light heavyweight 2x5 min rounds~
KEIICHIRO YAMAMIYA (light heavyweight 8th ranked/Pancrase GRABAKA) vs KOZO URITA (Seiken Kaikan)

Semifinal ~light heavyweight 3x5 min rounds~
YUKI SASAKI (light heavyweight 7th ranked/Pancrase GRABAKA) vs YUKIYA NAITO(A-3)

Main Event ~super heavyweight 3x5 min rounds~
RON WATERMAN (super heavyweight 2nd ranked/U.S.A./Team Impact) vs KEIGO TAKAMORI (super heavyweight 3rd ranked/Pancrase MEGATON)




RING OF FIRE 12 - News


Denver, Colorado


All right fight fans, the wait is over. The 12th installment of the most popular fight show in the area will return to the Douglas County Event Center on Saturday, May 22nd, 2004.

RING OF FIRE 12: NEMESIS will feature professional Mixed Martial Arts and K-1 rules matches. The main event will have every local fight fan's interest as a match that has been brewing for 5 years can finally happen. KOTC vet and Shootboxing World Champion, John "The Annihilator" Cronk will get the fight he has been asking for when he steps in to the ring against crowd favorite Jay Jack. Jay just won a gold medal at the Grappler's Quest east event and his last MMA fight ended with a submission victory on the Ring Of Fire 11 show.

Here is what the fighters have to say about the upcoming bout:

JAY JACK: "I am a nice guy out of the ring so I am not going to talk any s**t, but this fight has a lot of history for me. I am very motivated on this one. I guess if you want a statement out of me, then come to the show, I'll make a statement in the ring."

JOHN CRONK: "This match is personal for me too.. I take it personal when I hear how good someone is and I want to find out for myself. I know Jay will be tough, but I've wanted this fight for a long time too. I feel like this is my backyard, and I want to know if he is as good as everybody says. I know what kind of fighter I am, I want to see what kind he is. We will find out on the 22nd." 

Besides the bragging rights involved ,the ISCF Middleweight Championship will also be for grabs in this match 

Other fighters on the card will be Jake THUNDER Hattan, Carlos Condit, Justin James, Brock Jensen, Big Gabe Beaperthuy, Mike Baldwin, Dennis Acuna and the return of the dynamic Ali Abdelaziz. The final card will be released next week.




BATTLE QUEST PHASE Recap and Results..


Denver,Broomfield/Boulder, CO

The second edition of BATTLEQUEST was a huge success!! The event was a complete sell-out with standing room only. The nights Main was sure to be a war for the vacant IKF Woman's Amateur IR U.S Featherweight Title. In one corner stood 3 time IKF National Champion Katie Meehan of Colorado, USA (9-3-1/1, 121, 5'5") while in the other corner stood the IKF number 1 Ranked Amateur San Shou Featherweight fighter, Sarah Ponce of Texas, USA (9-1/0, 126, 5'7").
In this exciting bout Ponce threw an amazing amount of head kicks which seemed to impress the judges. From the other side of the ring, Meehan fought a very good fight and was always in Ponce's face using really good boxing and low kicks. After a 5 round toe to toe war, in the end the judges gave it to Sarah Ponce of Texas by decision making her the NEW IKF Woman's Amateur IR U.S Featherweight Champion!

As if the ladies Main Event wasn't enough, before them was the fight for the vacant IKF Amateur MTR Vacant U.S Welterweight Title between Mike Baldwin (5-0) of Colorado, USA and Ryan Farthingham (4-1) of Wyoming, USA. What was thought to be a 5 round war ended quickly at :53 seconds into round 1 when Baldwin landed a high head kick on Farthingham for a first round KO win making him the new IKF Amateur MTR Vacant U.S Welterweight Champion!

Here are the results of the nights under card bouts below:
IKF International Rules, 150 lbs: Matt Howard of Colorado, USA (3- D Martial Arts) over Atrau Maldanado of Texas, USA (Houston Kickboxing) by decision. 
ISCF MMA, 155 lbs: Chris White of Oklahoma, USA (Team Caveman) over Phillip Dopkins of Wyoming, USA (American Freestyle) at :55 in the 1st round (tapout) 
IKF Muay Thai, 160 lbs: Donald Cerrone of Colorado, USA (Freedom Fighters) over Joe Marintzer Colorado, USA (America's Best M.A.) at 1:57 of the first round by TKO. 
ISCF MMA 230 lbs Tom Clemen Colorado, USA (High Altitude M.A.) over Vince Lucas of Oklahoma, USA (Team Caveman) at 2:07 of first round by verbal submission. 
IKF Muay Thai, 200 lbs Elliot Edmonds of Texas, USA (Houston Kickboxing) over Nick Coggins of Colorado, USA (World Karate) at :49 seconds of the first round by K.O. 
ISCF MMA 155 lbs: Noah Thomas of Colorado, USA (Warrior Dojo) over Matt Rushing of Oklahoma, USA (Team Caveman) at 2:01 of the first round by submission choke. 

The referees on this event did a GREAT JOB! Christian Carvahlo of Manaus Brazil was MMA referee, Sifu Adam Martinez of Loveland Martial Arts handled the kickboxing. This was a very solid event and as always, some new talent was found! A special thank you goes out to Mr. Barry Benedict, I owe you one. Also a big thank you to PROEXOTICS, BROTHERS BBQ, TITLE BOXING, TIGRON , WOODFIELD SUITES, SPRAWL fight shorts and CHINGASO GEAR for their support. 




KICK DOWN 10: Battleground Results


Denver, Colorado




1. Main Event: Men’s Middleweight NHB Champion

Matt DeWolfe def John Sargent by tap out 1:04 R1


2. Men’s Super Lightweight NHB Champion

Josh Barlow def Beau Whipple by ankle lock at 0:33 R1


3. Men’s Light Heavyweight NHB Champion

Jeremy Brown def Mario LaRosa by referee stoppage R1


4. Men’s Lightweight Kickboxing Champion

Donald Cerrone def Byron Sowell by TKO R3


5. Jack Johnson def Marlon Canete by split decision

6. Antonio Sena def Danny Orona by tap out 1:09 R1

7. Billy Dixson def Jason Burton by knock out 0:56 R2

8. Joe Serna def Les Harness by referee stoppage 0:37 R1

9. Tony Kelley def Pat James by TKO (James could not answer the bell for R3)

10. Josh Usera def Rex Payne by knock out 0:22 R1

11. Colby Snyder def Rob Graff by unanimous decision

12. Donnie Lyles def Joe Trujillo by rear naked choke at 1:14 R1

13. Joey Welch def Phil Tafoya  by referee stoppage 2:35 R3




H20MAN To Pride


Denver/Broomfield/Boulder, CO


The "H20Man" Ron Waterman has been selected as an alternate fighter for the upcoming Pride Grand Prix heavyweight tournament.  The event is scheduled for April 25, 2004, in Japan.




K-1 WORLD MAX - Results
Yoyogi Stadium 
Tokyo, Japan

Tournament (K-1 rules):
Masato defeats Serkan Yilmaz by unanimous decision.
Albert Kraus defeats Jadamba Narantungalag by unanimous decision.
Buakaw Por.Puramuk defeats Jordan Tai by unanimous decision.
John Wayne Parr defeats Duane Ludwig by unanimous decision.
Shamil Gaydarbekov defeats Marfio Canoletti by majority decision.
Takayuki Kohiruimaki defeats Paolo Balicha by unanimous decision.
Mike Zambidis defeats Hayato by unanimous decision.
Jean Skarbowsky defeats Fuji Chalmsak by unanimous decision.
David defeats Kang En by KO at 2:20, RD 3.

Single fight (MMA rules):
Norifumi 'Kid' Yamamoto defeats Tony Valenti by rear naked choke at 0:58, RD 1. 



Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas, NV

Chuck Liddell defeats Tito Ortiz by KO at 0:38, RD 2.
Chris Lytle defeats Tiki Ghosn by choke at 1:55, RD 2.
Yves Edwards defeats Hermes Franca by split decision.
Andrei Arlovski defeats Wes 'Cabbage' Correira by TKO at 1:15, RD 2.
Nick Diaz defeats Robbie Lawler by KO at 1:31, RD 2.
Mike Kyle defeats Wes Sims by KO at 4:59, RD 1.
Jonathan Wiezorek defeats Wade Shipp by TKO at 4:40, RD 1.
Genki Sudo defeats Mike Brown by armbar at 3:31, RD 1.





Former Stars Fighter Awarded Bronze Star for Heroism in Combat!


Camp Lejeune, N.C.


(1st Lt. Jerry Roeder, right)


In the late 1990's, then sergeant Jerry Roeder was assigned to the Marine Corps officer training program at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  Not content to only improve academically, he also sought to improve that most basic of military skills, hand to hand combat.  


During this time, Jerry joined the Stars Training Center where he quickly became a top student, fighter, and instructor in the Pancrase mixed martial arts training program.  Jerry taught, fought, and sparred with many of world's best professional fighters including King of Pancrase Nate Marquardt, K-1 and UFC fighter Duane Ludwig, Pride veteran Larry Parker, and his good friend Ron "The H20Man" Waterman.  


During one of his infamous no-holds-barred sparring sessions Jerry received an almost certain career ending knee injury, or so we thought.  Somehow, through will of mind, Jerry made a miraculous recovery and went on to receive his commission as a 2nd lieutenant.


All to soon Jerry's time with us in Colorado was over.  He went on to other military schools and was eventually assigned to a Marine Combat Engineer platoon at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.  While there, Jerry continued his martial arts training and even found time to establish his own club and Pancrase MMA competition team. 


In 2003, world events led to the war with Iraq and Jerry's Marine unit was deployed as the lead element in the coalition forces drive to take Baghdad.  The rest is history. 


On Friday, 1st Lieutenant Jerry Roeder was honored in a special ceremony at Camp Lejeune, N.C. with one of the nation's highest awards for heroism in combat, the Bronze Star with "V" device for valor.  Congratulations Jerry!  We salute you.


jerry2jpg.jpg (40502 bytes)             jerry3jpg.jpg (40498 bytes)

(Jerry & family)                                (Jerry with new friends in Iraq)


Citation excerpt:
For heroic achievement in connection with combat operations against the enemy while serving as Platoon Commander, Engineer Platoon, 1st Battalion, 4th Marines... on 7 April 2003, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Tasked with locating and reconnoitering river crossing sites, First Lieutenant Roeder led a three-man engineer reconnaissance team across the Nahr Diyala River to find a suitable crossing site for amphibious vehicles.  With elements of the battalion in contact one kilometer north of his position, he demonstrated complete disregard for his own safety by stripping off his gear and swimming across the 100-meter wide river into enemy held territory.  Armed only with a 9mm pistol, he conducted a reconnaissance of the immediate area...  Discovering enemy revetments in the area, he quickly cleared them.  Determining the site was suitable, he completed a detailed exit point and assembly area survey and swam back to the friendly side of the river with the exchange of fire intensifying to the north.  His bold, decisive, action and meticulous attention to detail directly contributed to the combat assault amphibian crossing of two infantry battalions and allowed the division to maintain its momentum and to pressure Baghdad from the west.




K-1 WORLD MAX 2004 
World Championship Opening Round
April 7, 2004
Yoyogi Stadium, Tokyo Japan

This year's event is sure to eclipse last year's exciting championship with a roster of international talent that is sure to please. This opening round will set the stage for the K-1 MAX WORLD Championship Tournament later this year. The winners of these single fights will advance to the K-1 WORLD MAX in July, except for Masato who as returning champion automatically qualifies for the World Max.

The announced fighters are as follows:

Reserve fight Fuji Chalmsak (Thailand) vs. Jean Skarbowsky (France)
Fight #1: Mike Zambidis (Greece) vs. HAYATO (Japan)
Fight #2: Takayuki Kohiruimaki (Japan) vs. Paolo Balicha (Switzerland)
Fight #3: Shamil Gaiderbekov (Russia) vs. Marfio "The Warrior Tiger" Canoletti (Brazil)
Fight #4:
Duane Ludwig (USA) vs. John Wayne (Australia)
Fight #5: Buakow Por.Puramuk (Thailand) vs. Jordan Tai (New Zealand)
Fight #6: Albert Kraus (The Netherlands) vs. Jadamba Narantungalag (Mongolia)
Fight #7: Masato (Japan) vs. Serkan Yilmaz (Turkey)




BATTLEQUEST - Phase TWO preview


Denver, Colorado


On Saturday April 3rd, 2004 the official RING OF FIRE feeder show, BATTLEQUEST, returns to RED & JERRY'S event center. Fight fans will be treated to a tremendous card of MMA and K-1 rules fights. Looking at the athletes involved it is plain to see that the bar has been raised for amateur events in the area with this show.


In one half of the the co-main event IKF US Champion KILLER Katie Meehan (CO) faces off against 2003 AAU Champion Sarah Ponce (TX) for the WIKBA United States Championship.


Then, World Judo Champion Ali Abdellaziz continues his quest in Mixed Martial Arts competition. Ali has overcome some recent training injuries and is eager to compete.


Local young gun Mike "NO EXCUSES" Baldwin will be featured in a sanctioned title match against his toughest opponent to date, top 5 ranked Robert King of Houston Kickboxing. The show will feature fighters from the following gyms:


3-D Martial Arts 

Colorado BJJ

High Altitude Martial Arts

America's Best Martial Arts

Freedom Fighters

Houston Kickboxing

Bloodline Fight Team

Team Wiseman

MMA of Ft. Collins


A host of ROF-BATTLEQUEST sponsors will be on hand to present trophies in the ring to the athletes. All tickets are only $20.00. The show has limited seating and just like the last event, is sure to sell out. The few tickets that are available can be purchased by calling 303-246-5237.


ROF presents UFC party.....

If you can't make it to see this great event live in Las Vegas, don’t worry we have the next best thing.

RING OF FIRE will be hosting a showing of the UFC Friday night at Red and Jerry's. The full event will be shown  throughout the facility with the official ROF party taking place inside FANATIX sports bar. Past UFC parties have been tremendously popular with 150-200 fight fans attending. All BATTLEQUEST fighters will be in attendance as well as some of the World's top athletes. The party will start at 7:30 and the broadcast starts at 8:00 pm.


Red & Jerry's is located at Santa Fe and Oxford. 303-783-0655.. Come down and support the sport!!



2004 North American Submission Wrestling Championships
and Lucky 13 Old Timers Tourney
March 13, 2003, Competition begins at 9:00 AM
Broomfield High School
1 Eagle Way, Broomfield, CO USA 80020
Entry Fee: $35, Spectator: $5
Tel: (303) 635-0530 or (303) 465-0735

On Saturday, March 13, 2004, Pancrase USA hosts the third annual 2004 North American Submission Wrestling Championships. Held in conjunction with the Lucky 13 Old Timers Tourney (collegiate style wrestling), the combined event has rapidly grown to become a premier grappling competition. Last year, more than 250 competitors and 1500 spectators from around the nation and Canada made this a world-class event. This year promises to be even bigger and better! 

*Two Tournaments, same time, same place, compete in both!
*Modified A.D.C.C. World Submission Wrestling Championship Rules.
*Just 15 minutes from downtown Denver, Colorado.
*Pancrase sanctioned event.




KICK DOWN 9: Results


Red Lion Hotel

Denver, Colorado, USA



Men's Lightweight NHB Title:

1.  Jose Luis Murillo defeats Jim Allphin by armbar in rd. 2.

2.  Billy Dixson defeats Tsevegjav Gumenjav by TKO (cut) in rd. 2.

3.  Phil Tafoya defeated Chris Tijerina by armbar in rd. 1.

4.  Robb Graff wins over Darrin Anderson by unanimous decision.

5.  Mark Korzeniowski  KO's David Felix at 11 seconds of rd 1.  

6.  Donald Cerroni defeats Todd Wall by unanimous decision.

7.  Laura Stevens Vs Lisa Ward is ruled a draw.

8.  Luke Holdorf wins over Pete Saucedo by rear choke.

9.  Travis Sherman defeats Vinnie Cano by unanimous decision.

10. Antonio Sena defeats Brian Jeffers by armbar in rd. 1.

11. Billy Walters  defeated Shawn Kistler by TKO.


Men's Heavyweight Kickboxing Title:

12. Rufino Soltero wins over Tony Kelley by unanimous decision. 


Men's Welterweight NHB Title:

13. David Lindenmayer defeats Joey Welch by triangle choke in rd. 2. 


Main Event: Men's Featherweight Kickboxing Title

14. Mike Baldwin wins over Randy Mitchell by decision.




Ring of Fire News


Denver/Broomfield/Boulder, CO

On Saturday February 21st at the Mountain High Casino a group of ROF veterans will compete professionally under K-1 Rules matches as part of the "Valentines Massacre". The show will feature 4 pro boxing matches and 3 pro kick boxing matches.

Fabian "THE FREAK" Acuna will make his pro debut as a kick boxer when he faces life long martial artist James Nelan of SLV Boxing gym in Alamosa, CO. #1 ranked light weight Jake Hattan will also be stepping in to the ring against Muay Thai specialist James Martinez of New Mexico. And K-1 USA veteran Andre "The Silencer" Walker will make his return to the ring against Richard Symmonds of the FIT NHB Fight team. Both of these heavy weights are looking to make a statement in hopes of getting a shot on a future K-1 USA eliminator. The show starts promptly at 2:00 pm, and is 21 and over event. For ticket information please call 303-246-5237 or

Pete SECRET WEAPON Spratt makes film debut. Spratt just finished up shooting the action drama THUGZ 2 where he played the lead role. The film will be released in the next few months. Pete will return to the ring in March facing World Champion Rudi Ott in a San Shou rules challenge match on the popular STRIKE FORCE show in San Jose, California.

Congratulations go out to ROF Rocky Mountain Champion Alberto Crane on his MMA debut in Japan. Crane won his Japanese debut at the ZST Grand Prix Finals in a special match. His victory came via arm bar in the 3rd round over Takahuto Hida.




PRIDE 27: Results

Osaka Castle Hall
Osaka, Japan

Igor Vovchanchyn defeats Dan Bobish by KO in RD 2.


Kharitonov Sergey defeats LA Giant by TKO in RD 1.

3rd Match
Murilo 'Ninja' wins by choke in RD1against Alexander Otsuka.


4th Match
Kazuhiro Nakamura defeats Dos Caras Jr. by decision.


Yoshihisa Yamamoto defeats Mark Kerr by TKO in RD 1.


Heath Herring wins over Gan McGee by decision.

7th Mach (Main Event)

Mirko Cro Cop TKO's Ron Waterman by strikes in RD 1.

Pride 27 will be available by Pay Per View next weekend: Sunday, February 8, 2004 (9:00pm EST, 6:00pm PST).
Available through: iNDEMAND, Dish Network, DIRECTV, TVN





Sponsored by Ring of Fire promoter Sven Bean

Saturday, January 31, 2004

Red & Jerry's

Denver, Colorado


Any and all sports fans in the area are invited to come on down to south Denver's top entertainment hot spot, RED AND JERRY'S and watch the ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP 46: SUPERNATURAL The event is being brought to you by Colorado's premiere MMA promotion, Ring Of Fire.

MAIN EVENT: Randy Couture, USA (champion) vs Vitor Belfort, Brazil (challenger)

This will be the first time in the promotion's history that the UFC is broadcast on a Saturday night. RED AND JERRY'S has opened up the night club, CLUB OCTANE, for the showing. A full menu will be served, as well a full service bar. And once the fight is over the dance floor will open!

Special Guests:
UFC Veteran, K-1 veteran
Duane BANG! Ludwig
Nathan Marquardt 5 x KING OF PANCRASE
UFC Veteran Brad Gumm
ROF light weight Christian Carvahlo
ROF light weight Fabian Acuna
ROF rising star Ali Abdelaziz
ROF rising star Vern Baca

There were over 150 MMA fans at the last ROF-UFC party and R-N-J management expects even more for this high profile card. Before the fights start we will be showing video footage from ROF 11. Saturday night's party will start at 7:00 p.m. and will be hosted by Sven BOOGIE Bean. Please come down and SUPPORT THE SPORT!!!

Red & Jerry's is located at the intersection of Santa Fe and Oxford which is right in between Hampden and Belleview. Look for our huge outdoor sign, you can't miss it!
From 1-25, exit Santa Fe. Take Santa Fe past Hampden to Oxford. If you hit Belleview, you've gone too far. Avoid T-Rex and take Broadway, Hampden or Belleview. Red & Jerry's is centrally located 15 minutes from downtown and the DTC.






Denver/Broomfield/Boulder, CO


pride_27.jpg (64095 bytes)


Pancrase fighter Ron "The H20man" Waterman, and manager Phyllis Lee arrived in Tokyo yesterday.  Phyllis reports that Ron looks and feels great, and is ready to "get-it on". 


Pride 27
Osaka Castle Hall, Japan
Date: February 1st, 2004
Start: 15:00


Fight Order

7th Match (Main Event): Mirko Cro Cop vs
Ron Waterman

6th Match (PRIDE GP SURVIVAL MATCH): Heath Herring vs Gan McGee

5th Match (PRIDE GP SURVIVAL MATCH): Mark Kerr vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto

4th Match: Kazuhiro Nakamura vs Dos Caras Jr.

3rd Match: Murilo Ninja vs Alexander Otsuka

2nd Match (PRIDE GP SURVIVAL MATCH): Kharitonov Sergey vs LA Giant (prowretler , 210cm, 180kg)

1st Match (PRIDE GP SURVIVAL MATCH): Igor Vovchanchyn vs Dan Bobish

*Pride 27 will be televised in the USA on February 8, 2004, via pay per view.