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Pancrase USA - Representative in Japan


Denver, CO



Pancrase USA has a full-time representative in Japan.  Mr. Tyrone Lynch was recently appointed as our Japan Operations Director.  Ty is an accomplished martial artist, mma fighter, and successful businessman.  He is exceptionally fluent in the Japanese language and culture.



Pancrase USA - Weekend Warriors Challenge 6 


Denver, Colorado, USA


Pancrase Amateur Catch Wrestling Tournament Results


Semi Final Bouts:

James Walker defeated Amadeo Roybal by armbar at 4.38 minutes.

Tyrone Lynch defeated Jason Reading by  judges decision after 5 minutes.


Championship Bout:

Tyrone Lynch defeated James Walker by triangle armbar at 2.13 minutes.




WWC Tournament Champion Ty Lynch




Presented by Pancrase USA and World Super Fights

Sponsored by Ringside

August 1999

Denver, Colorado

Promoters: Will Hendricks, Sven Bean


The Promoters, fighters, and fans anxiously waited out the rain Saturday night at the Broomfield Swim and Tennis Club for the first ever "Brawl in Broomfield." They were generously rewarded as some of the most exciting, hard fought and extremely well matched bouts took place that night.


The crowd got to see a little bit of everything from boxing to ultimate style fighting. Every competitor (bar none!) gave a 100% effort and it showed.


IKF referee Cecil Peoples who was referee for the Kickboxing portion of the card was quoted as saying "What a great show!...these guys could fight anywhere....I am glad to be a part of this!" A pretty big statement since Sensei Peoples has been referee for such events as the "World Combat Championships" and numerous World Title bouts with the likes of Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Rick Roufus, and Maurice Smith


Fighters from all over the western region came to compete. A few bouts had to be reworked because of a no show from the Round One Team out of Carlsbad, New Mexico.. but other than that the card went well. The rain delay was quickly forgotten and the night was an incredible success for everyone involved.     




Bout #1 - Boxing, 3 rounds:  Greg "The Train" Davis (3D Martial Arts) vs Grafino Soltero (Freedom Fighting) an exhibition with no winner.. it did get the crowd going.... Davis was crisp and Soltero was tough ...good job guys!


Bout #2 - Ultimate style, Hvywt: Pete "Cankle Boy" Cochitas (Colo Stars) vs Trevor Avery (Cronk/Valetudo) Cochitas was a last minute replacement and fought hard in his first fight and came away the winner.


Bout #3 - Ultimate style, Lt. wt.: Darin Gonsor (Colo Stars) vs Pat "Mosquito" Stewart (Innovative). Stewart gave up 20 lbs to compete. He used effective strikes to keep Gonsor at bay early but Gonsor won the fight by decision.


Bout #4 - IKF Intl. Rules Kickboxing, Hvywt:  Mark Baier (3-D Martial Arts) vs Chris DeWet (Kumite) from Cheyenne, Wyoming.   Baier knocked DeWet down 3 times in the 1st and he couldn't answer the bell for round 2.Winner by TKO: Baier


Bout #5 -  Ultimate style Lt. wt.: Jose Chavez (Colo Stars) vs Jose Roberto Mena (Innovative).  Good match- up...well fought ...back and forth until Mena gave the arm and Chavez capitalized with triangle choke .Winner: Chavez


Bout #6 - Pancrase, Middle wt.: Billy Hendricks (Colo Stars) vs Jeremy William (House of Payne) William came to corner for Danny Payne and volunteered to fight. Valiant effort but Hendricks got the heel hook. Winner: Hendricks


Bout #7 - IKF Intl. Rules Kickboxing,150 lbs: Chris Cisneros (3D Martial Arts) vs Danny Slade (A.K.K.A) This 3 rounder was a great fight. The ring was slick still and these two flew all over the place but performed well. Winner Split Dec: Slade, 30-28, 29-30 & 28-29.


Bout # 8 - Shootfighting, Lt.wt.: Jeff Tuffano (Colo Stars) vs Rishi Tirella (Gracie JuiJitsu). These gave guys the crowd all they could handle in one of the better grappling matches of the evening. Winner by tapout: Tuffano.


Bout # 9 - Shootfighting, Light Hvywt.: Richard Gozatti (Gozatti Ninjitsu) vs Jeromiah Hudson (Colo Stars) Strange ending to this one as Hudson struck with illegal closed fists. He tapped Gozatti's head in apology and lost. Winner by tapout: Gozatti.


Bout #10 - Ultimate style, Light Hvwt.: Sgt. Jerry "No Shame" Roeder (Colo Stars) vs Cruz Chacon (Freedom Fighting) Good battle.. Roeder was the aggressor. These guys were talking to each other the whole bout...." Nice Shot!".. ."Thanks man!" Winner by Dec: Roeder.


Bout# 11 - Ultimate style, Lt. Wt: Tom Johnson (Innovative) vs Richard Hess (3D Martial Arts/Colo Stars) Johnson fought well against the crafty Hess. Hess was patient and worked for the arm bar. Winner by sub: Hess


Bout # 12 - IKF United States Super Middleweight Muay Thai Title: Duane "BANG!" Ludwig (3D Martial Arts) over Terrace James (A.K.K.A) by Unanimous Decision, 50-46, 50-46 & 50-45.


Bout # 13 - Ultimate Super Fight, Light wt.: Maynard "Professor" Morrison (Co.Stars/Tracy's) vs Danny Payne (House of Payne) This fight had it all! Great initial strikes by Payne....when it went to the ground both guys went for the ankle. Morrison switched to a reverse lock and Payne verbally submitted.