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Mile High National Submission Wrestling Championships




Shane Cross


*Official Results *



March 14, 2009

Broomfield, Colorado, USA

320 - Combined Competitors

2429  - Spectators

09pantourneywomenab_champ.jpg (50337 bytes)


Bahar Shahidi  


Division 1: Men's Beginner, Featherweight, under 140 lbs.

Division 2: Men's Beginner, Lightweight, 140 - 150 lbs. 

09tourneydiv1.jpg (135871 bytes)11

National Champion: Adam Bahnson (Gumm MMA)

2nd place: Kahaa Rezaiates

3rd place:  Ben Armendariz ( Grapplers Edge)

4th place:  Jason Toldness (Art of War)


09pantourneydiv2.jpg (135265 bytes)9 

National Champion: Travis Boyd (Grapplers Edge)

2nd place: Philip Martinez (Grapplers Edge)

3rd place: Geoff Brokx (Art of War) 

4th place: Danny Armstrong (Routt County Wrestling)

Division 3: Men's Beginner, Welterweight, 150 - 165 lbs.

Division 4. Men's Beginner, Middleweight, 165 - 180 lbs.

09pantourneydiv3.jpg (126698 bytes)18

National Champion: Geno Vigil (T's KO)

2nd place: Jimmy Ha (Easton BJJ)

3rd place: Peter Barrett

4th place: Billy Salaz (FusBoxe)


09pantourneydiv4.jpg (124083 bytes)9 

National Champion: Jarred Mercado (HAMA) 

2nd place: Jeremy Cooper-Leavitt (LA Boxing)

3rd place: Sean Pummill (Agoge)

4th place: Douglas Saiz (Art of War)

Division 5: Men's Beginner, Light Heavyweight, 180 - 200 lbs.

Division 6: Men's Beginner, Heavyweight, 200 - 220 lbs. 

09pantourneydiv5.jpg (111897 bytes)10

National Champion: Josec Robles (MMA Premier)

2nd place: Ben Ashanur (MMA Premier)

3rd place: Matt Gravina (Grapplers Edge)

4th place: Andrew Shannon (Advantage Martial Arts)

09pantourneydiv6.jpg (132872 bytes)7

(The shortest person in this photo is 6' tall)

National Champion: Ryan Cassidy (Trybz)

2nd place: Todd Meredick (FusBoxe)

3rd place: Lucas Lee (HAMA)

4th place: Miroslav Zvekic (HAMA)


Division 7: Men's Beginner, Super Heavyweight, over 220 lbs.

Division 8: Women's Beginner, Lightweight, under 120 lbs.

combined w/div. 25

combined w/div. 17


Division 9: Women's Beginner, Middleweight, 120 - 140 lbs.

Division 28: Women's Beginner, Heavyweight, above 140 lbs.

combined w/div. 18

combined w/div. 29


Division 10: Men's Intermediate, Featherweight, under 140 lbs.

Division 11: Men's Intermediate, Lightweight, 140 - 150 lbs. 

combined w/div. 19

combined w/div. 20


Division 12: Men's Intermediate, Welterweight, 150 - 165 lbs.

Division 13: Men's Intermediate, Middleweight, 165 - 180 lbs.

combined w/div. 21

combined w/div. 22


Division 14: Men's Intermediate, Light Heavyweight, 180 - 200 lbs.

Division 15: Men's Intermediate, Heavyweight, 200 - 220 lbs.

combined w/div. 23

combined w/div.24


 Division 16: Men's Intermediate, Super Heavyweight, over 220 lbs.

Division 17: Women's Advanced Lightweight, under 120 lbs.

combined w/div.25

09pantourneydiv17.jpg (112115 bytes)

National Champion: Bahar Shahidi (Grapplers Edge)

2nd place: Courtney Scherer (HAMA)


Division 18: Women's Advanced Middleweight, over 120 lbs.

Division 29: Women's Advanced, Heavyweight, above 140 lbs.

09pantourneydiv18.jpg (135117 bytes)

National Champion: Angelic Rein (Grapplers Edge)

2nd place: Michelle Blalock (FusBoxe)


09pantourneydiv28_29.jpg (107741 bytes)2

National Champion: Kayla Bogart (FusBoxe)

2nd place: Summer Williams (Team Xtreme) 

Division 19: Men's Advanced Featherweight, under 140 lbs.

Division 20: Men's Advanced Lightweight, 140 - 150 lbs.

09tourneydiv19.jpg (105176 bytes)7

National Champion: Travis Bussey (FusBoxe)

2nd place: Blaze Schubert (Rocky Mt. MMA)

3rd place: Brett Tellis (Grapplers Edge)

4th place: Jeremy Wynia (Institute of M.A.) 


09pantourney20.jpg (108652 bytes)9

National Champion: Mike Farmer (Grapplers Edge)

2nd place: Nick Buschmann (Grapplers Edge)

3rd place: Dale Weaver (Team Unicorn)

4th Place: Willy Baigley (Art of War)

Division 21: Men's Advanced Welterweight, 150 - 165 lbs.

Division 22: Men's Advanced Middleweight, 165 - 180 lbs.

09pantourneydiv21.jpg (152110 bytes)6

National Champion: Ryan Butler (Grapplers Edge)

2nd place: John Steed (Trybz))

3rd place: Taj Ashaheed (Grapplers Edge)

4th place: Manuel Myera (Trybz)

09pantourneydiv22.jpg (114591 bytes)7

National Champion: Matt Lackey (Grapplers Edge)

2nd place: Chris Raburn (Grapplers Edge)

3rd place: Samuel Rouch Easton BJJ)

4th place: Ben DeAnda (HAMA)


Division 23: Men's Advanced Light Heavyweight, 180 - 200 lbs.

Division 24: Men's Advanced Heavyweight, 200 - 220 lbs.

09pantourneydiv23.jpg (123406 bytes)7

National Champion: Lumumba Sayers (Grapplers Edge)

2nd place: Jason Lee (HAMA)

3rd place: Nick Beghtol 

4th place: Joe Trujillo (Grapplers Edge)


09pantourneydiv24.jpg (127807 bytes)3

National Champion: Malcolm Havens (Grapplers Edge)

2nd place: Shane Cross (Grapplers Edge)

3rd place: Marven Maxwell (3D Martial Arts)

Division 25: Men's Advanced Super Heavyweight, over 220 lbs.

Division 26:  Women's Absolute National Champion

09pantourneydiv25.jpg (96689 bytes)6

National Champion: Niles Watterson (Grapplers Edge)

2nd place: Peter Tuai (Grapplers Edge)

3rd place: Thomas Carbajal (Advantage Elite Team)

4th place Brian Manoa (FusBoxe)


09pantourneydiv26.jpg (173292 bytes)3

National Champion: Bahar Shahidi (Grapplers Edge)

Reserve National Champion: Angelic Rein (Grapplers Edge)

3rd place: Michelle Blalock (FuzBoxe)


Division 27: Men's Absolute National

Jose Chavez Memorial Award:

09pantourneydiv27.jpg (129110 bytes)10

National Champion: Shane Cross (Grapplers Edge)

Reserve National Champion: Lumumba Sayers (Grapplers Edge)

3rd place: Travis Bussey (FuzBoxe)

4th place: Blaze Schubert (Rocky Mt. MMA)


09pantourney_chavezaward.jpg (71564 bytes)  

Recipient: Lumumba Sayers (Grappler's Edge)


Awarded to martial artists who exhibit extraordinary warrior spirit and sportsmanship during competition.

Ozaki Cup Award - Team National Champions: 

09pantourneyteamchamps2.jpg (223093 bytes) 

National Team Champions: Grappler's Edge  (156 points)

Reserve National Team Champions: FusBoxe  (43 points)

3rd place:  HAMA  (27 points)

4th place: Trybz (13)


ont color="#000000" size="2" face="Arial">Competition Teams

Event Officials

3D Martial Arts 

A-Art of War

Advantage "Elite" Fight Team

Advantage Martial Arts

Agoge Combat Club

Black Dragon Martial Arts

Colorado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Colorado Springs Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Core Martial Arts

Easton BJJ

Evolution Fight Club


Gracie BJJ

Gumm MMA



Infinite Mixed Martial Arts

LA. Boxing

MMA Premier

Pacific Warrior Island Arts

Progressive Martial Arts

Rocky Mountain MMA

Team Dungeon

Team Pueblo

Team Unicorn

Team Xtreme

Tri-Town BJJ


T's KO Fight Club

Zingano Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 

09pantourney_al_janel.jpg (103805 bytes) 

The people that make it happen, Janel Larsen and Al Pallone.


Tournament Director:

Janel Larsen


Master of Ceremonies:

Mr. Al Pallone



Chief Referee: Tim Mills (World Karate, CO State Boxing Commission)

Hans Thompson (Zingano Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)

Kris Tuller (Pancrase USA)

Hanme Clark (Pancrase USA)

Charles Rosaro (RMBJJ)



Phyllis Lee

Will Hendricks


Special thanks to Mark Vantine of the Colorado Boxing Commission,

Sheldon Marr of Grapplers Edge, and Janet Zingano of RMBJJF.