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PANCRASE USA Event Results & News


Pancrase Submission Wrestling Championship Belt





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World Submission  Wrestling Championships

*Official Results *



March 13, 2010

Broomfield, Colorado, USA

289 - Combined Competitors

1824 - Spectators



Rickey Lundell


World Absolute Champion

Best of the Best


Grappler's Edge


8-Times Gold Medal Team

Denver, Colorado


Annie McLaughlin


World Absolute Champion

Best of the Best




Division 17: Teen Beginner Featherweight, under 120 lbs.

Division 20: Teen Beginner Middleweight, 155 - 175 lbs.


World Champion: Joshua Zattiero (American Grappling Academy)

2nd place: Drew Jensen (Agoge)



World Champion: Clint Doren (Agoge Combat Club)

2nd: place: Kyle Olson

Division 30: Women's Advanced Lightweight - under 120 lbs.

Division 31: Women's Advanced Middleweight, 120 - 140 lbs.


World Champion: Bahar Shahidi (Grapplers Edge)

2nd place: Carolyn Thompson (Fusboxe)


World Champion: Danielle Riley (Trybz Martial Arts)

2nd place: Angie Poe (Grappler's Edge)

3rd place: Annie McLaughlin (Trybz Martial Arts)


Division 36: Men's Beginner Welterweight, 150 - 165 lbs.

Division 37: Men's Beginner Middleweight, 165 - 180 lbs.


World Champion: Bo Wood (American Grappling Academy)

2nd place: Kayle Hoehn (Trybz)

3rd place: Tony Hill (Grappler's Edge)

4th place: Ben Nesmith (Gumm MMA)


World Champion: Perry Lanham (World Karate/Relson BJJ)

2nd place: Ryan Dore (Trybz)

3rd place: Troy Guillory

4th place: Matthew Boch


Division 38: Men's Beginner Lt. Heavyweight, 180 200 lbs.

Division 39: Men's Beginner Heavyweight, 200 - 220 lbs.


World Champion: Kevin Brown (Rocky Mtn. MMA)

2nd place: Robert Chipley (6th Ring)

3rd place: Paco Petana (Niwot)

4th place: Vicenta Mendez (New Breed Mulisha)


World Champion: Boris Tubic (Grappler's Edge)

2nd place: James Goldstein (Grappler's Edge)

3rd place: James Cox (Easton BJJ)

4th place: Allen Minturn (Agoge)


Division 42: Men's Lightweight Intermediate, 140 - 150 lbs.

Division 45: Men's Intermediate Lt. Heavyweight, 180 - 200 lbs.


World Champion: Dale Weaver (Rough House MMA)

2nd place: Cerrone Herrera (6 Rings Jiu-Jitsu)

3rd place: Travis Bussy (Fusboxe)

4th place: Philip Martinez (Grappler's Edge)



World Champion: Zachary Valdez (PWIA/LaGente)

2nd place: Craig Keys Championship Freestyle Karate)

3rd place: Tony Cano (Niwot)

4th place: Carlos Pardo (Sixth Ring)


Division 48: Men's Advanced Featherweight, Under 140 lbs.

Division 49: Men's Advanced Lightweight, 140 - 150 lbs.


World Champion: Howie Spratt (Fusboxe)

2nd place: Randy Burch (Rocky Mtn. MMA)

3rd place: Leo Snow (Grappler's Edge)

4th place:


World Champion: Ricky Lundell (Grappler's Edge)

2nd place: Anthony Gutierrez (Relson Gracie BJJ)

3rd place: Geoff Brokx (A-Art of War)

4th place:


Division 50: Men's Advanced Welterweight, 150 - 165 lbs.

Division 51: Men's Advanced Middleweight, 165 - 180 lbs


World Champion: Curt Barn (Rough House MMA)

2nd place: Nick Marr (Grappler's Edge)

3rd place: Nathan Cary (Pancrase USA)

4th place: Joey Kelch (6th Ring)


World Champion: Keith Wilson (Rough House MMA)

2nd place: Max Smith (Grappler's Edge)

3rd place: Chris Raeburn (Grappler's Edge

4th place: Ted Alvidaez (Grappler's Edge)


Division 52: Men's Advanced Lt. Heavyweight, 180 - 200 lbs.

Division 53: Men's Advanced Heavyweight, 200 - 220 lbs.


World Champion: Lumumba Sayers (Grappler's Edge)

2nd place: Mike Mangino (Easton BJJ/10th Planet JJ)

3rd place: Ben Ashauer (Colorado Combat Zone)

4th place: John Fabbricatore (MMA Premier Fitness)


World Champion: Shane Cross (Grappler's Edge)

2nd place: Robbie Turner (Grappler's Edge)

3rd place: Joey Chase (Easton BJJ)

4th place: Graham Elliot Rocky Mtn. MMA)


Division 54: Men's Advanced Super Heavyweight, Above 220



World Champion: Brandon Ruiz (Grappler's Edge)

2nd place: Peter Tuai (Grappler's Edge)

3rd place: Andrew Cadell (6th Ring)

4th place: C. D. Vigil (Grappler's Edge)



Division 33: Women's Absolute - Open Weight

Division 55: Men's Absolute - Open Weight


World Absolute Champion: Annie McLaughlin (Trybz)

Reserve World Champion: Shelly Burton (Grappler's Edge)

3rd place: Carolyn Thompson (Fusboxe)

4th place: Danielle Riley (Trybz)


World Absolute Champion: Ricky Lundel (Grappler's Edge)

Reserve World Champion: Keith Wilson (Rough House MMA)

3rd place: Brandon Ruiz (Grappler's Edge)

4th place: Shane Cross (Grappler's Edge)


Team World Champions: 

Jose Chavez Memorial Award:

National Team Champions: Grappler's Edge (150 points)

Reserve National Team Champions: Rough House MMA (33 points)

3rd place: Trybz (32 points)

4th place: Fusboxe (24 points)


2010 Recipiant: Ricky Lundell


Awarded for extraordinary warrior spirit, skill, athleticism, and sportsmanship.

Competition Teams

Event Officials

6th Ring

10th Planet BJJ

A-Art of War

Advantage "Elite" Fight Team

Advantage Martial Arts

Agoge Combat Club

American Grappling Academy

Black Dragon Martial Arts

Champion CTC

Championship Freestyle Karate

Colorado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Colorado Combat Zone

Colorado Springs Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Core Martial Arts


Easton BJJ

Evolution Fight Club


Gracie BJJ

Grudge MMA

Gumm MMA


Infinite Mixed Martial Arts

MMA Premier Fitness

Pancrase USA/Starz

Progressive Martial Arts


Relson Gracie BJJ

Rocky Mountain MMA

Team Dungeon

Team Pueblo

Team Xtreme


Zingano Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Tournament Directors:

Ms. Janel Larsen (World Karate)

Mr. Sheldon Marr (Grapplers Edge)


Master of Ceremonies:

Mr. Al Pallone



Chief Referee: Tim Mills (World Karate, CO State Boxing Commission)

Senior Referee: Hans Thompson (Zingano Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)

Referee: Hanme Clark (Pancrase USA)

Referee: Thiago Detanico (Grappler's Edge)

Referee: Daniel Roberts (Roberts MMA)



Competition Coordinator: Kris Tuller (Pancrase USA)

Competition Coordinator: Jeremy Vlad (Pancrase USA)

Marketing Coordinator: Nancy Kochis

Scoring: Josh Medina



Phyllis Lee

Will Hendricks